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audio cassette

Performers: Sue Gordon (vocals and flute); Bob Klassen (clarinet); Jack Shiffman (trumpet); John Kolynchuk (violin); Peter Holdstock (mandolin); Ray Penner (accordion); David Green (vocals and cello); David Humphrey (double bass); Hans von Norren (drums); David Kaplan (keyboard and conductor).

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1. Laban's Hora
2. Osay Shalom
3. Folk Dance, Processional
4. Adon Olam (Lord of the World) (duo)
5. The Rabbi's Story
6. Ishki's Dance
7. El Sharish


1. Welcome Shalom
2. Alleluia (Praise God)
3. Romanian Fantasy
4. Adom Olom (solo)
5. Two Yiddish Dances
6. The Hyatt Hora
7. Hava Nagila (Joyous Gathering)


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Music and arrangements © Copyright David L. Kaplan, 1994. All Rights Reserved. Produced in Canada by Right Tracks Sound Studio, Saskatoon, SK, in association with The Saskatoon Klezmer Band. Recording Engineer: Ross Schmidt. Best viewed with 800x600 resolution or greater. You will need the latest version of Real Audio to listen to the sound clips. © Copyright 2000 by The Saskatoon Klezmer Band, All Rights Reserved.