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ZMARIM - The Saskatoon Klezmer Band

The Saskatoon Klezmer Band, Zmarim, was formed in 1985 after an informal "kibitzing" at a Bar Mitzvah. Several of the players at that event decided to get together on a semi-formal basis, and since then the Band has added members and various instruments. It now includes eleven members: flute and vocals, clarinet, violin, cello and vocals, trombone, guitar and French horn, accordion, bass, percussion, and keyboards. The members come from a variety of backgrounds: there are two lawyers, a dental surgeon, three business men, a couple of teachers, and three PhD's.

The repertoire of Zmarim includes both vocal and instrumental music. This includes music from Scripture, humorous Yiddish tunes, traditional Romanian horas and the energetic Israeli type, music from the Middle East, solo instrumental numbers, jazz, traditional klezmer, and Broadway show tunes.

Over the years, Zmarim has performed at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other Jewish events in Saskatchewan, as well performing at the annual cultural festival Folkfest, The SaskTel Jazz Festival, The Festival of Faith, and various civic events. The Band issued its cassette, A Touch of Klez in 1994. All of the music on this recording was written by or specially arranged for the group by David Kaplan. For further information on the Saskatoon Klezmer Band, please contact David Kaplan:

338 Coben Crescent
Canada S7S 1B4
Phone: (306)249-3154
Fax: (306)956-2243

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